Scott Pioli is leaving the Pats to run the Chiefs

In what has been rumoured for a couple of weeks,Scott Pioli is leaving the Patriots front office to take full control of the Kansas City Chiefs.

As far as front office hires go, it doesn’t get much more impressive than Pioli. He has been Bill Belichek’s right hand man for all of the Patriots hugely successful run and is widely regarded as one of the best talent evaluators in the NFL. It’s a huge coup for the Chiefs and should turn out to be a great hire.

The news is not as good for the Patriots and Belichek.

Another year and another defection from the Patriots front office.

Losing coaches can be a problem but at the end of the day Belichek runs the show and has shown he can develop young coaching talent (like Josh McDaniels and Eric Mangini) to replace any coaches that have moved on. Losing so many minds in the front office could be a different story altogether.

Last year they lost former Director of College Scouting Thomas Dimitrioff to the Atlanta Falcons and now Pioli is gone as well. Those are two people who were directly involved in the drafting of most of New England’s roster.

Imagine Dexter losing the actors who play Angel and Debra after consecutive seasons. Those two characters have become so important to the show that if they were to leave, it might not ever recover.

The Patriots showed this year that they are still a good team even without Tom Brady. With an aging roster at several positions, whether they can continue being the team they once were is still up in the air. If they don’t have the right front office staff members ready to step up and take the place of Pioli then their run as an elite team in the NFL could be cancelled.

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