Boston College fires Jeff Jagodzinski

Boston College shot themselves in the foot when they let Tom O’Brien walk away. Now BC Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo is cutting that leg off by firing Jeff Jagodzinski.

Jagodzinski, a long-time NFL assistant coach, received the opportunity to interview for the New York Jets vacant position of head coach this week. DeFilippo, being the genius that he is, told Jagodzinski that if he interviewed for the job he would be fired.

Well, the interview came and went, Jagodzinski met with the Jets brass, and DeFilippo handed the man a pink slip.

Reaction in Boston:

PTI favourite and Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan.

Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy.

From what I can gather, Jagodzinski had not been actively pursuing this job, the Jets came to him. In every line of work this happens every day.

A sought after employee of company X is offered a high salary job at bigger company Y. Company X is doing its employee a disservice by not letting the person at the very least interview for the job. The employee might not get that job but the interview will help him climb the ladder in the future.

That’s what’s happening here, Jagodzinski probably will not be named head coach of the New York Jets. I don’t think he is the best candidate or even a very serious candidate at all.

DeFilippo has said that he is removing the coach because he wants someone who will stay at BC for a long time. Too bad you already had that with Tom O’Brien! O’Brien wanted better facilities, but you couldn’t give those to him and now he’s started building a potential stumbling block for BC at NC State.

The single event of O’Brien leaving BC for NC State turned BC into a stepping stone school. Now the coaching search is on, less than a month away from National Signing Day.

Who are the candidates? DeFilippo said he would name an interim head coach, but for recruiting purposes, that’s a terrible idea. 17 and 18-year olds don’t want to hear that you might be replaced next season.

Frank Spaziani - BC Defensive Coordinator since 1999

Jack Bicknell Jr. - BC O-Line Coach since 2007

Steve Logan - BC Offensive Coordinator since 2007

They will also interview two people from outside the program.

One of those should be Buffalo head coach Turner Gill.

So far Spaziani is the leading candidate. He’s long overdue for a head coaching position and more than deserves the promotion. If DeFilippo is looking for someone who will stay at BC for a long time, he doesn’t have to look much further than Spaziani. If they slap the interim tag on him, it’s as good as a slap in the face. Make Spaziani head coach immediately and the program can get back to competing in the ACC much faster than it would under a new regime.

That doesn’t change the idiocy of this whole debacle. Jagodzinski should be able to interview wherever the hell he wants, contract or no contract. Interviewing coaches under contract is common practice in football, whether we’re talking college or pro. Athletic Directors have every right to keep teams from talking to their coaches, but that’s counterproductive for both sides.

If USC offered DeFilippo their Athletic Director position he would think about it for all of five seconds before taking the job.

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