The 2011 NFL Season – Whats Going Down

As the 2011 NFL season is creeping towards the halfway point lets take a quick look at who the movers and shakers are. Who are the teams to watch, and who are the teams that are going to make you cringe? The story so far: The winners The 2011 NFL schedule kicked off on September [...]

USC’s Mark Sanchez will enter draft

At first glance, this a surprise. Five minutes of thinking it over, and it’s not. Although NFL GM’s might be weary to take a quarterback early in the draft that has only started 16 games in the last four years, there just isn’t much more to prove for Sanchez at Souther Cal. With Sam Bradford [...]

Scott Pioli is leaving the Pats to run the Chiefs

In what has been rumoured for a couple of weeks,Scott Pioli is leaving the Patriots front office to take full control of the Kansas City Chiefs. As far as front office hires go, it doesn’t get much more impressive than Pioli. He has been Bill Belichek’s right hand man for all of the Patriots hugely [...]