Roger Huerta: Fighter/actor/model

Roger Huerta has big plans.

He is one of the rising stars in the UFC and has amassed a very impressive record while working his way up to the top of his division. Even though he suffered a defeat to Kenny Florian in his last fight, he is only a few wins a way from getting a title shot.

It’s not that unrealistic to say that he is close to living out every fighter’s dream.

I think it’s safe to say that Huerta is not “every fighter”. Apparently all that time spent climbing up the ranks was not that important to him because it appears he is going to take some time off after his next fight to pursue a career as an actor and model.

This makes absolutely zero sense. I guess he must have been inspired from Randy Couture’s turn as the Scorpion King or Chuck Liddell’s appearance on Entourage. Either that or his head got big after he was on that Sports Illustrated cover.

Maybe he doesn’t realize that Liddell and Couture were only able to procure those roles because of their status as the faces of the UFC and MMA. That’s what happens to stars. People start opening doors for them that were not even a possibility before.

Huerta is not a star in the UFC. He could be one day, but not now. Right now he is just another fighter with potential.

It’s disappointing because he might not ever get to realize that potential. Most young athletes who take extended breaks from their sport never live up to the promise that they once showed.

Just ask Drew Henson. Or Brandon Vera who has never looked the same after taking a year off in a contract dispute.

Roger Huerta is likely going to find out that it will be a lot harder to break down the doors he wants to in acting than he thought. He had already broken down some doors in MMA, but as more time passes, those doors will close for him.

It very well could lead to him saying, “What if …” down the road when he finds out that he no longer holds the keys he once did.

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