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The Sports Corner began with four B.C. journalists interested in one thing: Sports. After getting sick of doing sports-related articles that only adhere to their low-budget and athletically challenged school, the quartet set out to pursue something more, something that can hopefully satisfy the desire for talking sports. So ever since it’s launch in September 2007, TSC has provided readers with opinions and news stories about the vast world of sports. It’s taking sports blogging to a whole new level.

At TSC, you are going to receive consistent, controversial and committed articles in relations to sports. With a prominent West Coast perspective – as all writers are currently living in, have studied in, or are from B.C. – this blog is free of any eastern North American sports media influence. It’s all opinion, but it is certainly justified from this corner of the world. Feel free to leave a comment on individual posts and let us know what youreally think.

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