Shanahan is back with the Devils

Having been the lesser story to Mats Sundin, Brendan Shanahan is making a return of his own.

In his case though, it’ll be with the New Jersey Devils, a team that had originally drafted him in 1987.

According to TSN, the unrestricted free agent “has yet to agree to terms on a contract and it isn’t clear at this point when that will happen or when he will be ready to play a game with them.”

It’s not officially confirmed but it looks as if the 39 year old is tired of waiting for the New York Rangers to make room for him on their team, a roster he had wanted to rejoin.

So the next best option apparently is New Jersey, who are currently sixth in the East, and could use more offensive help. That’s where Shanahan will come in.

Maybe the three-time Stanley cup veteran does not have the same flair that he originally held but he will be a valuable asset on any offense, and any locker room.

Much like Sundin, Shanahan will need time to find his competitive legs and it’s still unsure when his debut will be. Nor his role on the team.

Adding a player like Shanahan, although past his prime, is always a bonus, especially when he has recorded 650 goals and 690 assists in his career. With Shanny on their team, look for the Devils to be a more dangerous team, move offensively and defensively.

Maybe his impact won’t be as big as it would have been, say 10 years ago, but it’s a big shot to the Rangers, as they could not find the room to resign the winger.

Not to mention that Shanahan goes to one of their divisional rivals.

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