The 2011 NFL Season – Whats Going Down

As the 2011 NFL season is creeping towards the halfway point lets take a quick look at who the movers and shakers are. Who are the teams to watch, and who are the teams that are going to make you cringe?

The story so far:

The winners

The 2011 NFL schedule kicked off on September 8th 2011 with Green Bay, the 2010 Superbowl champions hosting the New Orleans Saints at Lambeau Field. With the score at 42-34 to the Packers, it set up an incredible run of form and at present Green bay are 6-0 and look unstoppable. They are the only team in either the AFC or the NFC  with a 100% record. Other teams flying high are the Patriots from the AFC east and the 49ers from NFC west, both are 5-1. The 49ers only loss coming from the Dallas Cowboys at ‘the stick’ in a close game that they really should have won. New England recorded their only loss to the ‘Bills’ back in week 3. The Detroit Lions are also at 5-1 which would normally be good enough to top any division at this stage, but not when they are fighting it out with the unstoppable Packers.

The losers

There are a couple of teams who probably wish that their season is over. One being the Indianapolis Colts. They are currently languishing at the bottom of the AFC south at 6-0. This is a surprise as they were tipped as one of the best teams in the division. Yes, the absence of Peyton Manning hasn’t helped, but even if he had been in the team, then defensively, they look in tatters. The Rams are another team that simply haven’t performed this season and like the Colts, St Louis are also yet to win a game. After a reasonable season last year, when they had more victories than the previous 3 seasons put together, they are unfortunately back in familiar territory. The Dolphins too had a poor start to the season and are also at 5-0. Despite making the play offs in 2008, they haven’t really had much to shout about, and unless they tighten their defense, then that looks likely to continue this year.



When it comes to surprises there are certainly a few this year. The San Fransisco 49ers haven’t had much to shout about in recent years but with Jim Harbaugh at the helm they are sitting at 5-1 and are heading the NFC west. The Colts have already been mentioned and are having their worst start to a season since 1997. With Manning out they are having to rely on 38 year old Kerry Collins. Not good for a team that was tipped to make the play offs. Generally speaking, if there is ever such a thing as a safe bet in football, then it’s that the Steelers are going to win the AFC north division title as they always do. However, although we’re not halfway through the season, the Steelers aren’t as dominant as they have been and are currently lying third at 4-2, so the title could be more open than usual.


Come February 5th at the Lucas Oil stadium when the XLVI Superbowl takes place everything will be done and dusted. League titles will be won, superbowl champions will be crowned and names will be made. Will your team be there at the end? Only time will tell.

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