USC’s Mark Sanchez will enter draft

At first glance, this a surprise. Five minutes of thinking it over, and it’s not.

Although NFL GM’s might be weary to take a quarterback early in the draft that has only started 16 games in the last four years, there just isn’t much more to prove for Sanchez at Souther Cal.

With Sam Bradford and Tim “Golden Boy” Tebow choosing to forgo the NFL and stick around for another season of college ball, wouldn’t he want to prove himself to be at their level, and maybe even challenge for a Heisman? Well, no. Look what happened to Todd Boeckman.

Boeckman was considered to be a high prospect before this past season, before a guy named Terrelle Pryor took his job from him in week five. In Sanchez’s case, super recruit Matt Barkley is packing his bags for the USC dorms as we speak. And, with quite a lot of SC’s defence graduating or heading for the draft, this might even be a re-building year, if the Trojans are even capable of having one of those.

Even if SC is in a re-building mode, with almost the entire staff heading to UW and their top linebackers declaring for the draft, it wasn’t going to get any better for Sanchez.

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